Get In The Game

Find out more about MilestonePods and how YOU can get in the Game.

If you are already registered for one of our 2016 races, chances are you are going to start training soon. So why not use all those logged miles for a chance to win prizes!?  Introducing our brand new gaming wearable - the MilestonePod - the best way for you to get into our season-long training game!  

The great thing about the MilestonePod is that you can use it in addition to other running apps you may already use. It will provide extensive insights about your runs beyond just mileage and pace - helpful things like cadence, footstrike, run efficiency and more! 

What is "The Game" and why should I want to be "in it"? 

Official training season starts with the annual Kickoff Training Run January 9 - so "the game" starts Monday,  January 11 - with prizes being given away every week!  

Every Monday a Weekly Challenge will be issued on social media, and on the Leaderboard. Challenges will be based on the stats you accumulate from Monday - Sunday. The game will be different each week - for example, one week it might be about pace, or sessions logged, etc. All MilestonePod participants are eligible to compete in the challenges for a chance to win prizes. All you need to do is be registered for one of our races and wear a MilestonePod during training.   

You can also use the Leaderboard to track your progress against other participating Runners Of Steel, or to challenge your friends and follow each other's progress all training season!

How do I get a MilestonePod? 

After giving away nearly 2,000 FREE MilestonePods to runners both near and far, they are now available for purchase at an exclusive discounted rate of only $17.95 in the P3R Gear Store. (25 at participating retail locations)

Please note, if you train using more than one pair/type of running shoe, it is recommend to have a different Pod for each shoe. You run differently in each shoe, so your stats will be skewed if you are switching the same Pod back and forth. More than one Pod can be registered to the same person and all stats will cumulatively count toward the runners stats on the Leaderboard.  

I have a pod, but can't find myself on the Leaderboard?  

If you received your pod from us (either as a giveaway or purchased through the P3R Gear Store), your pod should be automatically linked to the Leaderboard. Just enter the email address used to register the MilestonePod, and your stats should appear. However, if you purchased your pod somewhere else, you will need to contact Milestone Sports support and ask them to be linked to our Leaderboard.    

Have we convinced you yet?  

Prizes, fun weekly challenges, going up against other Runers of Steel?  If that is still not enough how about this testimonial from pro runner Heather Kampf, 3x U.S. Road Mile Champion and 3x GNC Live Well Liberty Mile Champion: "I've been geeking out with all the information you can obtain from the MilestonePod - both from a performance standpoint and practical applications. It's a tool anyone can use!"  

Come on - Get In The Game, we dare you! 

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